Do you struggle with poor WiFi signal???

Poor WiFi is far too common in houses today. Ensure that every room in your home has strong WiFi Coverage so there are no more complaints of buffering or slow internet speeds.

We can remove the stresses of poor WiFi coverage by installing the most up to date WiFi technology in your home to ensure that you have full access to the internet throughout your home.

With the installation of Wireless Access Points strategically placed throughout your home we can ensure no iPad or amazon echo device loses communication.

Wired Network Infrastructure

Are you into gaming or do you require that little bit more from your network???

With new gaming consoles demanding higher data rates and relying heavily on data connectivity sometimes WiFi just doesn’t cut it.

We always suggest that high data systems be connected to a wired network allowing you to get the most out of your internet connection.

This means installing wired data points throughout your home or in specific rooms where internet devices are permanently installed, e.g. Playstation/Xbox, VOIP phones and home desktop computers.

Why not bring all the technology in your home back to one central point that can be easily managed and maintained. At iSight we install data cabinet systems that not only hold all of the wiring for your router/data network but also house your home security recorders, multi-room music amplifiers and your home integration hubs, e.g. Phillips Hue, Heatmiser and Nest etc.